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Any items for inclusion on this page must be accompanied by a contact name with a telephone number and/or email address.

Please send your requests here.

Please be aware that neither this website nor the West Kent Sunday Football League will accept any responsibility for any deals done, fixtures arranged and subsequent problems. However do let me know if you have any difficulties and if appropriate, the offending parties advertisement will be removed.

Would all advertisers please remember to let me know when an advertisement is no longer needed and can be removed.

If you are a club from a neighbouring league - if you are reading this from a neighbouring area, you may wish to know that many of our clubs do not have access to a pitch during August. If your team would like to match up against new opposition, send me your item as above together with an indication of playing strength etc to avoid mis-matches.

Page updated 28th June 2017

Clubs offering pre-season friendlies

Clubs Seeking pre-season friendlies

Tonbridge Origin first team are looking for a friendly on the 6th August but donít have a pitch. We are happy to split the cost. If interested please contact

Confirmed friendlies plus results in due course if you send me the information.

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