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Crowborough Town 1999
Crowborough Town 1999 Tour Party to Lens, France.

Niall Crook and Paul Onslow feature again.  Simon Munday and Steve Palmer have been turning out this season.

Any 'what are they doing and where they now' updates I shall add below if you send to the address above,
Crowborough Town 1991
Crowborough Town 1991 - their first ever squad

That first game was a friendly against Farleigh Rovers, which they lost 0-2. Niall Crook (back row, extreme right) is now Club Secretary and Paul Onslow (bottom, second from left) is now Chairman.

Rotherfield 1980's 1
Rotherfield FC early 1980's - picture 1 - this one is also on page 81 of the 'History of the WKSFL' book.

Kindly sent in by Dave Capp, who has supplied most of the names.

A Dave Capp back living in Rotherfield
B Barry Blunden lives in Uckfield
C Dave Colbran
D Steve ?
E Paul Cottingham
F Graham Pett
G Mick Harman living in Rotherfield
H ?
J Micky Mann
K Chris Buck living in Rotherfield
L Ray Pennals
M Dave Harman

Rotherfield finished as runner-up in Division Five that season, two points behind King William IV. They were promoted and finished third in Division Four in the following campaign. Promoted again, in 1982-3 they finished second in Division Three, again with King William IV ahead of them. They then spent the next few seasons in Division Two.
Rotherfield early 1980's - 2
Rotherfield FC early 1980's - picture 2 - some are obviously in both pictures!

Kindly sent in by Dave Capp. Do you know who they are and where they are now?

A Graham Pett
B Dave Capp
C Dave Harman
D Steve ?
E Paul Cottingham
F Barry Blunden
G Eric Blunden - a major influence and much loved character in the village, died a few years back,
H Chris Buck
J Micky Mann
K Robin Brown
L Ray Pennals
M Robin Singer
Speldhurst Rangers FC 1949-50 - thanks to Ollie Crees

Names - Left to right - back

Mr Coomber
F Styles
L Mills
S Arnold
E Baldock
Bryan Capp 84 this year. Thanks to Dave Capp his son for additional information.
D Manktelow
D Stockley


J Craig
F Butcher
T Butcher
W Taylor
F Rutledge
P Butcher

SPELDHURST RANGERS FC 1957 it is thought



Bernard Mills is grandad of current player Ollie Crees. Gordon Larkin was his great-uncle, sadly passed away about 15 years ago.
Ramslye 1966
ALUN EVANS has sent me some names - his contributions are in italics with some question marks. Alun says that his grandad Ron Gardener was involved with the club from a young age. Keith Hayward and Dave Thompson have completed the picture, their entries in bold. Dave says it was probably the 1968 / 69 season as he wasn't playing for Ramslye in 1966. He agrees it was the reserves-

A - Sid Fermor
B - Keith Pearson
C - Ronnie Ovenden
D - Alan Clout
E - Roger Savage
F - Pat (Paddy) Rosier
G - Peter Auld
H - Richard Manser Yes says Keith.
J - Robin Tickner
K - Mick Watchus (not sure of spelling though)
L - Dave Thompson
M - Alan Rogers
N - Peter Young
O - Keith Russell Yes says Keith
P - Paul Russell
Q - David Hanmore.
Brenchley FC 1989
Colin Castle sent this picture. He knows most of the names, but do you? Please email any contributions to the address above. First offers from Steve Reddin as marked ** below. Phil Carter has added four names, marked # and Paul Stevenson remembers C and J

A - Steve Bishop**
B - Randolph Hutton**
C - Paul Reed
D - Steve Wells #
E - Jon Lilly**
F - Colin Sampson**
G - Phil Carter**
H - Dave Delves #
I - Paul Stevenson #
J - Matt Lee
K - Colin Castle of course. Doesn't look a day older said Peter Hunt.
L - Gary Manser #
M - Steve Russell??**
Steve says "I played with these Lads in the year 85/86. some of then played with me at Wadhurst Toc H in the East Sussex league on Saturdays."
BELL FC 2000-2001

A rough looking lot. I know who they  are except one, do you remember?

Sorry I cannot index this file, ok here are the names

Bottom row, left to right
Bob Gillham, forgotten, Ian Rye, Perry Giles, Steve Dyke, Jason Kerry

Top row

Ben Hubble, Rodney Mitchell, Andy Seymour, Steve Homewood, Fred Giles, Daniel Harris,
Steve Prior, Roy Aldous

SCC 80 FC Junior Trophy Runners Up 1985 - 6

scc 80
Graham Perry (H in the picture) sent this one. He could not recall some of the names. SEAN RABBETT, former secretary of SCC80 has filled in the gaps - highlighted bold

A - Gordon Otley
B - Michael Jones
C - Alan Law
D - Danny Venness
E - Robert Wickens
F - Paul Joyes
G - Neil Curtis
H - Graham Perry
J - Kevin Shepherd
K - John Shephard
L - Clive Baldock
M - Sean Rabbett
N - Melvin Baldock
P - Keith Seston
Q - Geoff Wood
R - Gary Taylor
Langton Green FC Intermediate Cup Winners 1976-77

                green 1977

Do you remember John Ovenden, hat-trick hero of this final, played at the Angel Ground, Tonbridge.  Can you remember them? Where are they now?
(*) Andy Cooksey (player K below) has offered these names - thanks Andy.
Ian Scott has these names (+) he played in the team the following season.

A - Pip Scarborough (*)
B - John Ovenden (*)
C - Bob Hammond (+).  who died last year. Confirmed
D - Dave Thorp says Ian. Mr Cooksey agrees!
E - Jeff Padley (*)
F - Paul Glenister (*)
G - Phil Cotteral (*)
H - Kevin Watson has confirmed Marcus Tidy's suspicion - it is he and he said he can only apologise for the hair!
J - Stuart Cooksey - rememered by Chris Dunk
K - Andy Cooksey - remembered by Rodney 'Kip' Jones
L - Steve Harding (*)
M - Mick Atkinson (*)
N - Graham Dean (+)
P - who is the boy leaning over the fence??
Swan (Edenbridge) FC - Intermediate Cup and Div 6 Winners 1982

Swan FC 1981-1982
Do you remember them? What are they doing now? Email me here if you know.

Chris Dunk has filled in all the gaps. Many thanks Chris. Peter Ide remembers those marked with a star

A   Glen Battell *  Runs printing firm with his brother Kevin.
B   Dave Rowney  Postman
C   Dave Lee, also remembered by Steve Reddin as a friend of his father around this time.
D   Kevin Battell
E    Geoff Smith
F    Trevor Dangerfield * Plumber
G   Nigel Ovenden  Printer
H   Glenn Millen
J    Martin Seymour *
K   Andrew Le Tessier
L   Andrew 'Nosha' Crossan says Steve Reddin, also a friend of his father.
M  Clive Logsdon
N  Gary Freeman
P   Chris Dunk (Manager) *
Q  Kim Foote was Club Secretary
R  Peter Battell Now 75 years old and retired.

Bob Rogers not in photograph, was living in Switzerland.
Swan was started by Kim Foote, Bob Rogers and Chris Dunk, with the blessing of the late Doreen and Wally Foster, landlords of the Swan.

Rose and Crown FC 1981-82 Junior Trophy Winners

Do you remember them? What are they doing now? Email me here if you know.

First offers from Robert Reed with Paul Ellen (G in the picture) filling in most of the gaps.

A - Martin Wright
B - Micky Dorrill
C - Harry Smith
D - John Muddle
E - Mac Jolliffe - from Paul Ellen
F - Kevin Turlock - from Paul Ellen
G - Paul 'Mop' Ellen
H - Dennis Taylor - this and all below from Paul Ellen
J - Dave (Ben) Adams
K - Graham Clarke
L - Phil Lambert
M - as yet unknown!
Platt Invicta FC Division Two winners 1986/7

                  Invicta 1986

Thanks to Daz Fisher who supplied all the names from 1984 and 1987

A: Darren Fisher
B: Roger Woodhams
C: Gerald Durrant
D: Mike Bowen
E: Tony Sales
F: Phil Curtis
G: Alec (Chuffer) Broad
H: Glen (Gus) Broad
J: Stan Faulkes
K: Nicky Woodman
L: Trevor Shaw
M: Pete Green
N: Mark Lovelock
O : Darren Woodman
P: Ian De'ath
Platt Invicta FC Division Four winners 1984/5, Divison Three winners 1985/6

                  invicta 1984

Thanks to Daz Fisher as above

A: Mike Bowen
B: Gerald Durrant
C: Neil Bowen
D: Keith Simmonds
E: Darren Fisher
F: Phil Curtis
G: Tony Sales
H: Paul Lovelock
J: Martin Soames
K. Jim Lyon
L: Pete Green
Insulators FC - Senior Cup Winners 1977

Insulators FC - Senior Cup winners 1977 at the old Angel ground in Tonbridge. Do you remember them?

These names from Tony Bennett, Bob Waller and Phil Craxton

A. Gary Adams
B. Don Turvey
C. David May
D. Kevin Marsh (remembered by Phil Craxton)
E. Iain Presnell
F. Bob Waller
G. Mel Meredith (remembered by Andy Stanley)
H. John Tully
J. Nigel Iverson
K. Barry Iverson
L. Eddie West
M. Peter Taylor

25th April 2016 - sad to report that Eddie West passed away about a year ago.
Brenchley - Junior Cup Winners 1972

Brenchley FC - Junior Cup Winners 1972.

Chris Gorringe remembered almost everyone except player B!

Dougie Sampson's head can also be glimpsed between B and C, he says.

Dave Newbold says that Peter Willard is on the extreme left, cut in half.

A.Tommy Osborne
B. Mick Bromley, according to Dave Newbold and Chris Gorringe agrees.
C.Titch Townsend
D.Trevor Gough
E. Dave Newbold
F. Royston Hatcher
G. Dave Vincent
H. Roger Mewitt
J.  Eric Barham, also remembered by Danny Geary.

No prizes for the name of the young chap presenting the cup!

It is SIX IN ONE! Taken at the Intermediate Cup Final 1992


Six in One FC at Culverden for the Intermediate Cup Final 1991/1992 when they lost to Murphy's JBs.

A. Steve Barden (from Garry Miller)
B. Carl Mitchell (that from Colin Jessop)
C. Dave Stevens (Garry Miller and Jason Smart remember him)
D. Andy Jepson (remembers Garry Miller)
E. Darren Boyce, says Nick Stevenson.
F. Paul Jarvis
G. Billy Stevens, says Garry Miller.
H. Stuart Jarvis - Tim Curtis has identifed him.
J. Darren Caulfield - from Nick Stevenson
K. Dean Barton, also from Nick Stevenson
L. Jason Horne, from Garry Miller
M. Roger Barth, says Andrew Newman.
N. Steve Allan the scouser - that again from Nick Stevenson
P. Eddie Senchery - Stuart Turner and several others know him!
Q. Ivan Adonis - Garry Miller's recall once again.
Red House FC 1987- 1988


Do you remember this fine body of men from twenty-one years ago?  Do you know where they are now? Email me here.

A. Paul Fox - remembered by Peter Ide and Shaun Robins
B. Mick Wall now involved with Rusthall Rangers - recalled by Andrew Newman
C. Ian Rye, later of the Bell FC now playing golf and propping up the bar. Numerous persons almost didn't recognise him with hair and then their old bruises started to ache again.
D. There isn't a D owing to my failure to recall my alphabet!
E. the unmistakable figure of Trevor King, painfully remembered by many!
F. Tony Shirley
G. Tom Savidge (from Shaun Robins)
H. Mick Williams - recalled by Andrew Newman
J.  Dean Kelsey - with hair says Matt Loveday. Shaun also remembers him.
K. Duncan Barth - remembered by Andrew Newman and others.
L. Dave Stanley
M. Gary Homewood, brother of Paul and Steve. Shaun Robins remembers them
N. Andy Rye - remembered by Shaun.
P. Shaun Robins still playing for Black Horse, was with Speldhurst Rangers. (Alex Buxton sent that one.)
Q. Dean Bolton, remembers Shaun Robins.
R. Paul Venus
S. Dave Clayton - less weighty now says Peter Ide.
Spread Eagle FC 1972-73 definitely

Spread Eagle
Bill Farnes has sent in the definitive list!
Thanks to Stuart Turner , Rob Larkin, Bill Warner, Keith Hayward and Gary Mitchell for their earlier contributions. Most of this team were part of SPARTAK which arrived on the Sunday scene pre WKSL and saw themselves as rivals to RAMSLYE.

A - Colin  West
B - Pete Hillier
C - Simon Grainger
D - Brian Turner definitely says Mr Farnes- this one first from Keith Hayward
E - Don 'Frizzell' Frazer; a flamboyant left-winger. Also from Keith Hayward.
F - Bryn Savage (thanks again to Bill Farnes. Some thought it was Malcolm Bowskill.
G - Charlie Caskie - says Bill Warner! John Hunt, says Bill Farnes.
H - Terry Standen
J - Ross Savage it is. That name from Gary Mitchell confirmed by Bill Farnes.
K - George Neal - is he still playing squash?
L - Bill Farnes
M - Trevor Freeman, ball-playing inside forward. Skilful but not quick. Thanks Keith.
N - Trevor Barker (not Neville Johnson)

Others who played that year, not pictured, include Keith Collins, Colin Barden and Gordon 'Tosher' Ward. Most of the team are still in touch and meet up for barbecues and other events.
Goudhurst United Junior Cup Finalists 1982

A fine body of men! As usual, if you can put names to the faces and tell a little of where they are now, please email us here.

I have some more names from Nigel Caddick and some from Dennis and Fiona Clark. Thanks to all

A -?
B - Neil Brabon or Braybon?
C - John Relf
D - Nigel Caddick. Thanks to his eldest son, Dave for that one.
E -?
F - 'Macker' or 'Macca' lives in Cranbrook
G - Shaun Akehurst
H - Murray Lang
J - Peter 'Wally' Watson (says Mr Caddick), Watkins (says Mr Clark, also from Keith Watkins)
K - Martin Druce
L - Dennis Clark (still lives and works in Tunbridge Wells)
M - John Boyd (club manager these days)
N - ?
O - the lady in the left background?
P - Mark Cullip (deceased, car crash)
Q - Andy Martin (his son Chris now plays for the club)
R - Ron Blunt (deceased)
S - Peter White (still Club Secretary)
T - the small boy in wellingtons partly hidden?
U - Fred Page's head, say Nigel and Dave Caddick!
Rusthall Victors FC Senior Cup Finalists 1976
Who are they and where are they now. What is that UFO at top left?

rusthall victors
I have received this from Bob Drake "It was good to see the photo of the Victors side from 1976 on the site, it brought back some great memories.  That was one of the best local football teams I ever had the pleasure to play for as so many of the players could pass and move so well that it made the game so simple.  I agree with Steve and the other guys about the twins.  I always struggled to tell them apart but on the field it didn't matter because they could both play a bit, and were a bit quick, and the two of them terrorised defenders who thought they were seeing double . I moved back to London not long after this photo was taken and kept playing until I was 53 (Vets) but the body only stands up to the rigours of golf now and my football time is now spent watching the Arsenal (hope Billy and Howard have kept the faith). I'd like to pass on best wishes to all the players, and Dave and Brian, and don't forget an invite if there's a Victors reunion.  Bob Drake". Bob can be contacted by email; if you would like his address please ask webmaster@wksl.org.uk

Kevin Hider has recalled some names and says " I was only the tender age of 14ish when this was taken but I can certainly recognise all the team but unfortunately not remember all of the names at this present time.

I look back to the early/mid 70s and following Rusthall Victors week in and week out with fond memories even privilaged to have sat in the dugouts at the cup finals that they progressed to in this time,and as for the ufo[football] in the background that was maybe myself having a kick around pre match.
I may now be 46 years young but still enjoying playing in goal for tonbridge town every weekend
when the weather lets us and I am positive that the enthusiasm i have is down to the times I had following the 1970s victors teams through thick and thin."

Kevin Hider's father, Steve Crush, Gary Mitchell and Bill Warner filled in the gaps. Mr Hider Senior had to look hard at the Heasman twins to separate them; he said he could always tell them apart on the field. Steve Crush says 'I remember It well, the only one I had trouble with was Howardıs, sorry Howard but it was nearly 32 years ago. We also won 2 First Division Championships and a few Charity Shields, Good Times.'

A - Paul Goddard
B - Barry Heasman (Mr Hider and Steve Crush agree)
C - Howard Cottle
D - Mick Lefevre
E - Steve Crush (father of Stuart and Drew of Gardener's Arms)
F - Alan Funnell
G - Ralph Baker
H - Steve Heasman
J - Andy Packman (still lives in Tunbridge Wells, thanks from 'Wil' in Australia!)
K - Bob Drake
L - Pete Bromby (father of Matt and both excellent 'keepers says Bill Warner)
M - Dave Nethercott
N - Billy Knight (uncle of Matt Lawrence, Pembury Sunday FC)
O - Dave Corbett (manager) retired; lives in Tonbridge.
Ramslye FC 1972/3 - click on the picture for the full-sized version
Do you recognise these stalwarts? Where are they now? Send your contribution here.
Dennis Homewood has been in touch - it is his car in the background. It was a 1959 Mark 6 Sidevalve,  around before the Robin came in. Dennis is 'N' below. Dennis also says this picture was taken in the 1972-73 season.

Alun Evans (Pembury Sunday) sent some names. His grandad was manager of Ramslye when they first started in the Sussex Sunday League around 1966. Gary Mitchell and Keith Hayward have come in with almost all the others. Thanks very much.

a. Ronnie Ovenden - still around
b. 'Kipper' Jones - refereeing now of course!
c. Paddy Rozier - still lives locally
d. Paul Russell - that from Keith Hayward
e. Tony "Sparrow" Chapman confirmed by Gary Mitchell.
f. Derek Dorien
g. Gary Mitchell reckons it's Terry Barton, confirmed by Keith Hayward.
h. Keith Pearson
j.  Richard 'Fred' Latter (thanks again to Keith Hayward)
k. Colin Savage
l. Jim Fisher - moved to Scotland and died a few years ago.
m. Tim Page (thanks to Gary Mitchell for that one) lives now in Rotherfield
n. Dennis Homewood - now living in Rusthall. Served with the RAF then refereed 14 years.
o. Don Parks - alive and well and living in Crowborough.

Keith Hayward also commented: " The club was formed in 1966. 10 of the team who played in Ramslye's first ever game in the Sussex Sunday league lived on Ramslye Estate. 9 of the team in the photo were brought up on Ramslye.The two exceptions being Terry Barton and Tim Page. Four of this team were in the original line-up : Colin Savage , Ron Ovenden, Kipper Jones and Tony Chapman.-- Jim Fisher was on holiday. Has any other club drawn so many players from such a concentrated area?"
Black Horse FC early 1970's - who are they and where are they now?
Send your contribution - click on the picture for the full sized version

Black Horse FC

Thanks to Andrew Rice-Tucker and Stuart Turner for these names: note (j), (k) and (l) have been changed around!

a - Simon Grainger *
b - Melvyn Cole *
c - Keith Foord
d - Roger Morris
e - Vic Rice *
f - John Hartley                    * were present at Pembury FC's recent 100th anniversary
g - Alan Moxon
h - Ron Perryman *
j - Paul Drury*
k - Unknown
l - Bob McKenzie
Sherwood United FC early 1980's - who are they and where are they now?
Send your contribution - click on the picture for the full sized version.


Phil Craxton has sent me these names:

a - Ada Beaton
b - Doug Wells
c - Malcolm Hardwick
d - Kevin Crouch
e - Gary Hardwick
f - John Glen
g - Greg Pugh
h - Andy Packman
j - Warren (Wally) Barber
k - Steve Colville
l - Amdy Constable
m - definitely Jeremy Lambourne! Dave Knell and Dave Hobson confirm this. Jeremy is now Treasurer of Otford United FC. Jeremy has a lot less hair now!
n - Mark Gillham

Form an orderly queue ladies...Edenbridge Echo at the Presentation Evening 1979

Please send your contributions by email

Echo won 2-0 after extra time; Dixie Dean scored both.

Rob Peters (player (e) below) has filled in the final gaps and very many thanks to him. Martin Desforges came up with several names and many thanks to him. 

Ann Bradford also came up with the four missing names. but Rob beat her to the post!

Thanks also to David Elmslie, Sam Braham, Kevin Watson and Steve Moore.
Other names mentioned in the Courier during that season include  (?) Stowell and Paul Willers. Darren Fisher has a copy of the Cup Final programme.

a - Andy Hill
b - Duncan McMillan
c - David Shirley
d - John Kemp
e - Rob Peters
f - Derek Jones
g - Peter Thomas
h - Paul Ship
i - Jimmy Page
j - Malcolm Bradford
k - Andy Stowell
l - Andy Boakes
m - Graham Parkes
n - Dixie Dean

WKSL Representative Team 1977

a Simon McLean
b  Alan Irvine
c   Alex Hamilton
d   Steve or Barry Heasman (which one - they are twins!)
e   Peter Hillier - now cleaning windows in Pembury.
f    Fred Wooden
g   Dave Gurr (TW Telephones, Wheelwrights Arms)
h   Paul Rogers
i    Pete Aldridge (Capel) ?
j    Pat Dunn (? your webmaster vaguely recalls the face)
k   Dave Nethercott
l    Colin Savage (definitely says Keith Hayward!)
m  Ralph Baker
n   Barry Marchant?
o   Unknown
p   Ray Parsons (ex Bristol Arms)
q   George Piper

Rusthall Six - a sides 1983

Artois United and Beacon Rovers
a  Alan Irvine
b  Chris Dunk
c  Mick Moore
d  Fred Wooden
e  Shaun Carey
f  John Wingate
g  Alan Rogers
h  Tony Atkins
i  Mick Minihane
j  David Lake yes it is, recognised by Marcus Tidy in November 2009
k  Peter Crisp
l  Paul Rodgers
m  Tony Bingel
n  Neil Ewen
o  Martin Ranson
p  Graham Remnant
q  John Youe

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