Forms for Season 2020- 2021

Any problems please let me know and I will do my best to rectify them.
Most forms are available in Word or Excel which can be filled in via a keyboard or printed, also
available as Adobe PDF files for printing then completion by hand.


MS Excel format for completion on your computer here  PDF format for printing and completion by hand here
SCAN THESE and EMAIL to the Registrations Secretary. Or post them.

Emergency Registration Form for use on MATCH DAYS only


Emergency Registrations are not just for the one game.
Any player so registered is considered as a registered player for that club until the registration is either cancelled or he officially transfers to another club.

Once the season has started, check the registered players list BEFORE getting anyone to sign.
It may cost your club points and will cost you fines if you allow a player to sign an registration or emergency form when he is already registered for another club.
The player himself may also be fined and / or suspended.

Player Transfer form
This form can be used by players to request a transfer or by clubs to confirm a transfer request.

In Word and PDF

Referee's Registration form

In Word here and as a printable PDF version here.

Official Match Report Form all home clubs to provide this form to the referee at home games.

Club match report form

Club Match Report Form in MS WORD, which you can complete on your PC or by hand - here
Club Match Report Form PDF version for completion by hand - here

If you have any queries about registrations or match reports, please contact the registrations secretary Tony Vanns.

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