West Kent Sunday Football League

Constitution of the League Season 2016 - 2017
Teams resigned after last season -  Cranbrook Town, Green Street Blues Reserves, Ramsfield, Tornados
Name change - AFC Charlton now AFC Six in One
New teams accepted - Gardener's Arms, Rusthall Club Athletic, Tonbridge United FC, TW Foresters Res and TW Youth (Ridgeway) 
Division One - 9 teams
Division Two - 9 teams
Division Three - 9 teams
Division Four - 9 teams
Bricklayer's Arms
AFC Six in One
Artois United
Cassidy's Phoenix Crowborough Town
FC Grinstead
Blackham & Ashurst - withdrew Jan 2017
Gardener's Arms (new) Green Street Blues
FC Hayward
Dormansland Rockets
Green Lane Paddock Wood Reserves
Goudhurst United Reserves (withdrew Nov 2016)
Goudhurst United
Hadlow Hornets - withdrew October 2016
Rusthall Club Athletic (new)
Hadlow United (withdrew Nov 2016)
Insulators Hawkenbury Sunday Speldhurst Rangers
Insulators Reserves
Rusthall Rangers - withdrew February 2017
Langton Green St John's Yard
Tonbridge Casuals
Simla Paddock Wood Ticehurst Village Club Tonbridge Origin Reserves
Tonbridge Origin Pembury Sunday Tonbridge Invicta Tonbridge United (new)
Tunbridge Wells Foresters South East Spitfires The Bell - resigned before season start
TW Foresters Reserves (new)

The Boars - withdrew September 2016

TW Youth (Ridgewaye) (new)

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